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Do you have a rusty or leaking chimney chase cap?

Even the smallest leak in your chimney chase cap can lead to water damage, mold, or rot.

Rusty caps can eventually leak and even if they don’t, the rust can leave stains on your brick or siding.

You can say goodbye to a leaky chimney or a rusted chimney top. Shoreline’s stainless steel chimney chase caps are custom-made for your house, condo, or business. You don’t want to cut corners on buying a chimney chase cover that is made from weak materials. With our stainless steel chimney chase caps, your chimney will require no maintenance and be protected from outdoor weather, rust, and leaks.

On average you need to repair or replace a traditional chimney chase cap about every 20 years and that’s if they are maintained effectively. With little or no maintenance you may have to change your chimney chase cap every 10 to 15 years.

Stop spending money on replacing chimney chase caps that won’t last. Invest in a product that lasts and is custom fit for your home. Shoreline’s chimney chase caps are made from stainless steel, twice as thick as a typical chimney chase cover, and have fully welded corners. Our strong chimney caps are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Stainless steel

Will never rust or corrode

Custom made

Twice as thick as traditional chimney chase caps.

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Chimney Chase Caps Before & After

Our Stainless Chimney Chase Caps FAQ

How long does a chimney chase cap last?

A well-maintained chimney chase cap can last up to 20 years. However, since our chimney chase caps are made out of stainless steel and welder together we can guarantee it will last a lifetime.

What happens if my chimney chase cap doesn't fit?

Measurements are very important! If we build you chimney chase cap incorrectly then we will build a new chase cap and ship it to you ASAP. However, if the measurements are wrong then we are not responsible to replace it at our cost.

What is your guarantee?

The strong quality of our chimney chase cap is why we can guarantee our chimney chase caps lasting a lifetime. We custom make each chimney chase cap by using stainless stell and welding the corners. We do not use caulk or glue to hold a chimney chase cap together.

How much does a chimney chase cap cost?

The cost is based on the size, average pricing ranges from $600-$800.

What makes our chimney chase caps different?

Our chimney chase caps have a seamless from flared entry for the chimney pipe. This prevents any leaks by diverting water.

Flared edge cap

What is the chimney chase cap made of?

Our custom made chimney caps are made from 304 stainless steel and 20 guage thickness. You will not have to worry about rust, leaks or harsh weather conditions ruining your chimney chase cap.


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